The impact of disorganization and clutter on your Health

Whether we realize it or not, organization and clutter (or lack of) has a huge impact on you physically and mentally!!

Disorganization can lead to:

Medical Mistakes and Errors such as grabbing the wrong chart or wrong medications, poor communication.

Physical stress on the body, Increased blood pressure and Heart rate, Decreased immune system (more colds and flu’s).  When you need something right away and you have to dig through the piles on your desk, floor or drawers to find it, physically your heart rate and blood pressure increases and you begin to panic.  Your body is in the “Fight or Flight” mode and if this happens frequently, your body stays in that mode and cannot relax.  Studies have shown that this leads to ulcers, high blood pressure and other chronic conditions.

Unprofessional =  Missed Appointments and Project Deadlines.

Clutter can lead to:

Depression and Isolation = Some people get so caught up in “their stuff” that it takes over their entire life.  The items that surround them become like a security wall in which they find comfort but at the same time they become isolated because they will not invite visitors into their home because they are ashamed and that can lead to loneliness and depression.

Increase in Weight =  When you walk into the kitchen and you have to move items off your counter to prepare the meal or the kitchen table is piled with mail, magazines and the kids book bags, it is easier to pick up the phone and call for food delivery.  Check out the book, “Does This Make My Butt Look Fat” by Peter Walsh.

Sickness and Disease = Most people do not pay attention to or know the expiration dates on many of the products they have in their homes.  For example, make-up and make-up brushes will begin to carry germs after 2 months.  Another item that most people frequently forget to check the expiration dates on is medications (headache powders, contact solutions, laxatives, antacids, creams, etc).

Allergies = Having a lot of clutter sitting around collects dusts and it is hard to clean all of it weekly.

Energy = Owning a lot of “stuff” demands your time and energy!!!  You spend a lot of money buying all of those items and now you have to spend a lot of time maintaining them and keeping them clean which also takes your energy!!!

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