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This is the time of year most people want to take a vacation. Do not let the economy keep you from having an enjoyable time with your family.  Take advantage of vacation or tourists areas that are close to home.  Go camping, have a picnic or visit a local attraction near you.

It does not matter what you choose to do, if you plan out what, when and how, you will have a great time and save money!  Listed below are examples and things for you to consider after you have decided that camping is the vacation for you. 

Camping– Once you have decided that you are going camping ( whether for a weekend or for a week), you need to start planning.  Planning means that you have researched the campground and know if you they provide water and electric, check-in and check-out times, as well as, the rules and regulations.  Here is a simple checklist for you to get through the vacation without the worry and hassle of not having something you need.

Make the reservations then write it in your calendar

Plan your menu for the entire time including all 3 meals, snacks and drinks.  Then make a grocery list.  This will ensure that when you go shopping for groceries you will get everything you need and spend money on items that you do not need. Here is a list of a few staples you should have: sugar, milk, coffee, soft drinks, mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, cheese, lunch meat, bread, cereal, eggs, bacon, pancakes ( quick and easy to make), marshmallows, chips, cookies, salt, pepper, butter and syrup.

Begin a list of items to take.  Here is a sample of what you may want to take if you are using a tent but most of this will apply if you have a camper because you will still want to double check your supplies. 

Tent, mattress (air compressor to blow it up), tarp, rope (for tarp and to hang clothes on), broom, sheets, pillows, blankets, potty pot, lanterns and fuel, flashlights and extra batteries, tools, hammer, tape, fold out table, table cloth and pins, wood for fire, lighter fluid, charcoal, trash bags, ziploc bags, plastic utensils, cups, plates, bowls, paper towels, gas burner and tanks, dish soap and pans to wash dishes, PAM cooking spray, big spoons and spatulas, towels a dish cloths, chairs, coolers (meat, drinks and other perishable foods), frying pan, aluminum foil, toilet paper, bar soap, shampoo, towels and washcloths,, can opener, tupperware containers, bug spray, sunburn products, first aid kit, toys for kids, games, book to read, clock, cell phone charger, prescription medicines

Tips: As you begin to load up items in your vehicle mark them off your list.  Get ice just before you leave your house or as soon as you leave.  Put soap on the outside of your cooking pots just before you set them on the grill or fire and the burn marks will come off easily.  Place a rug outside you tent or camper door to keep from tracking dirt inside. Take a pair of sandals to wear in the bath houses so that you do not get germs from others like athlete’s foot.  Keep shampoo in one ziploc bag, toothpaste and brushes in a ziploc bag.  This makes the items easier to carry, keep up with and from leaking onto something.  Keep all items away from the inside of your tent at night because condensation will leak through the tent and will wet items. Heat water over the campfire to wash dishes.  Keep a bucket of water next to the fire. Divide like items together into storage bins for easy travel and to keep track of items.  You should have separate labeled storage containers for bedding items, towels and washcloths, cooking items, paper items, games and non-perishable food items.

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