Feel in Control Quickly

Quick, Dramatic, Visible Results!

It is easy to be overwhelmed when you have so much stuff sitting around so here is a tip that will help you get started and make you feel in control!

Attack what is visible.  You might think that when you start to organize a room you need to start in the closet, cabinets or drawers first, Don’t!  The stuff that is in those areas are generally not relevant, is usually old and it is not what people see.

When you take attack the obvious and visible stuff (the things you see and use everyday), you will feel energized to continue the process and give yourself a feeling of control. Clean off the counter tops, coffee tables, nightstands, bathroom sink, dining room table or the top of your desk but DO NOT hide all those items in a drawer! Find them a permanent home. Only pick one surface to do at a time and set yourself a time limit to complete it. I would suggest less than one hour.  GO!

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