Fun, Parties, and Organizing Do Go Together!

Are you organized?  Imagine looking around you and feeling like a million dollars!  Every piece is in its right place.

Last minute guests?  No problem.  Getting ready for work?  It’s a snap!
Yes, it can happen to you.

Just imagine how good you feel when you walk into someone’s home or office and it is extremely neat and nothing seems out of place….

You can be organized and have a great time doing it!

Make a party out of it!

Invite 2 or 3 friends over (I don’t recommend more than that).  Have each one bring over a dessert and use them as rewards.  When you have completed one task or area, take a break and savor a dessert. Play music that everyone enjoys.  I wouldn’t plan on having an organizing party with an area that is going to take more than 3-4 hours because you don’t want to wear your friends out or gain too much weight.

You can take a cluttered, unorganized room like this: Before_and_after_2_011

Turn your room into an organized masterpiece plus have fun while doing it. Before_and_after_2_034

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