Hurry! Get in the Car!

Do You Find Yourself Rushing Around Every Morning?

Are You Completely Stressed Out Before You Get to Work?

There are thousands of parents who are trying to get the kids dressed, breakfast and lunches prepared, backpacks packed in the morning, as well as, themselves ready for work and by the time the family is headed out the door, parents are already stressed and tired. 

Are you one of these harried parents?  Do you hear yourself say, "There’s never enough time in the mornings to get everything done?" 

Here are a few "In A Snap" tips that will make your mornings much more enjoyable!

  1. The night before, set out the children’s clothes they will be wearing to school the next day.
  2. While you are preparing supper, make the children’s lunches, put them in their lunch bag and designate a place in the refrigerator that you will put it every night.
  3. Every night before the they go to bed, set aside about 5-10 minutes for each child to pack their back pack.


Develop this plan and make it a part of everyone’s routine every night.  By doing these 3 things, you will be teaching your children how to plan and organize while at the same time reducing everyone’s stress in the morning.

Our guarantee:  You will save yourself at least a half hour every morning!  Relax and enjoy that extra cup of coffee.

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