Spring Time = Garage Time

Spring and Fall are the best times of the year to organize your garage because it is not too hot or too cold.  A lot of people find this to be an intimidating task but it does not have to be.  Here are some suggestions that will help.

1) Decide The Goal
Example- I want to be able to easily locate my tools, picnic items, camping gear, sports equipment or possibly make room for my car.

2) Devise and Write a Plan
Ask yourself:
A) What is it going to take for me to accomplish this goal (money, help form others, etc.)
B) How much time am I going to devote to this project (an entire weekend or break it down into smaller projects)

3) Mark it in your Planner

If you do not mark it down in your planner, it is less likely that you will carry out the plan. If you are breaking the job down into smaller projects, decide when you are going to do each one and write it down.

4) Sort and Purge
Put like items together and have separate areas for donate, trash, belongs somewhere else or to someone else.

5)Take advantage of wall and ceiling space
Use Shelving units, add cabinets or overhead hanging shelving units. Cabinets are for storing chemicals such as pesticides and vehicle maintenance items such as grease, oil and gas because you can put locks on them if you need to keep young children from reaching them or store them on upper shelves.  Overhead hanging racks can be used to store camping gear,  holiday decorations or tubs of clothing.  Visit www.garagetek.com for garage storage ideas or products.

6) Dispose of the unwanted or not needed items quickly.
If you are worried about how to dispose of the junk or items that you no longer want or is not recyclable, Junk Genies will come and pick it up. Many local nonprofit organizations will pick up items you want to recycle or donate for a reasonable fee.

7) Finally reward yourself!
If you have chosen to break the job down into smaller projects, reward yourself after each part of it is completed and definitely reward yourself after the entire project is finished. You deserve it!!

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