10 Travel Tips

1) Make all reservations as soon as possible

2) When making hotel reservations, check their amenities.  You do not need to bring a hair dryer or iron if they already have one in the room.  Most hotels now have those items as well as, coffee makers in all rooms.

Week Before Trip:

3) Double check all reservations: hotels, car rentals, animal boarding/care.

4) Remind your emergency contact person that you will be leaving and what their responsibilities will be.

5) Make copies (if you have not already) of all important documents:  Insurance cards, credit cards,driver’s license, birth certificates, passports, prescriptions.

6) Print/familiarize yourself with travel directions

7) Prepare your packing list:  especially if you need to take items that you normally do not take with you on a trip.

8) Vehicle maintenance

9) Give emergency contact person your schedule, address and phone numbers of where you will be staying so they can contact you in case of an emergency.

10) Check all medications to make sure you will have enough to last throughout your trip.  If you do it now, this will give you and the doctor time to prepare your medicines and you will not be worrying about that the day before you leave.

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