Vacation Travel tips

Being organized will help you have an enjoyable vacation but you have to plan for it!

The first thing you should do once you have made the decision to take the vacation you so truly deserve is to make a “packing list“.   Make a list of the things you need to pack, making sure you’re only taking along what you will absolutely need in order to reduce the number of bags you’ll need to take.  This is also the time to make your grocery list if you plan on camping or needing any snacks. Look to see if you have the right amount of coolers. The list is made for each person in your family going on the trip and it includes everything that person needs to take. For example; what types of clothing, medicines, entertainment items, any special foods and all personal items.  You store this on your computer so that you can print it out every time you need it.  Items will need to be deleted or added for each trip but at least you will always have the basics.  You can print the list and check off the items as you pack.

Secondly, you need to pack smart!

If you are using the airlines to travel the FAA guidelines now limit carry-on baggage to one bag plus one personal item (i.e. purse, briefcase, laptop or backpack.) Some airlines have recently leveraged fees for checking bags or for checking more than one bag.

The Pack-It-System sold by The Container Store® compresses clothing in luggage to make the most of the space. This allows security personnel to quickly look through clothing and other packed items and speeds up the security check process.The Pack-It-System® is made up of see-through mesh side panels so that you can quickly see what is inside. Since your clothing is neatly folded and secured, it is quick and easy to put the items back into your luggage after passing through security.
If you are traveling by car make sure you have small toys and games easily accessible for children to use during the ride. Use clear bags so the children can see through them to pick out what they want instead of having to pull everything out.

Third, Pack for Safety
If you are traveling by air the TSA may pick your bag for screening and may need to break into it due to stricter security checks.  There are three options for locking your bags; travel locks, locking luggage straps or cable ties.  The advantage to using the cable ties are that they are inexpensive, disposable, easily cut by TSA agents but still deter criminals for messing with them.
If you are traveling with children pack a kit with first aid supplies.  Store it either in an outer pocket of a suitcase or in your carry on or day bag or in the glove compartment of your car. Consider carrying a small supply of the following items: bandages, pain reliever, stomach medicine, first aid ointment, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, stain removal pen and a sewing kit.

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