Staging Your Home

Take time to do this!

Do not put your house on the market until you have done this!

What Does Staging mean?

  • Showing a perspective buyer that they want your home
  • Preparing yourself for a move
  • Fixing or replacing things that are broke
  • Painting
  • Remove Clutter (talk more in a bit)

Where do I start?

First, decide how much money you are willing/able to spend to make your house the most attractive it can be

Secondly, take a good hard look at your home (inside and out) and decide what areas need the most help to look

Where and how do I begin?

Drive down the street then come back. As you come back towards your house, start making observations:


  • Landscaping – clean yard from debris = leaves, toys, plant a few flowers, lawn is neatly manicured at all times
  • Walkway – make it look inviting
  • Driveway– clean of old vehicles, toys, fix cracks, remove oil spots
  • Porch – fresh paint and in good repair, clear of clutter (maybe a plant or one rocking chair, new cushions on furniture or remove)
  • Steps and handrails– safe
  • Front Door and Windows & Shutters – cleaned, painted repair torn screens, lights work


  • Good Time to pre-pack or donate. Rent a storage unit or store items somewhere else
  • When a perspective buyer walks into your home, they want to be able to imagine their stuff in the home and not yours.
  • Remove:
  • Personal family pictures or any wall decorations that show a style
  • Knick-knacks
  • Clutter – papers, magazines, knick-knacks, nothing lying on the floor, nothing lying on top of surfaces
  • Fake plants and flowers
  • Wallpaper
  • Paint all walls (neutral colors- off white, beiges, light browns, creams)
  • Repair anything broken (doors, doorknobs, cabinet handles, and blinds)
  • Replace all light bulbs that do not work
  • Check all electrical outlets, window blinds & appliances

Living Room:

  • Pack up most books, pictures, knick-knacks
  • Large Furniture – remove or delete pieces, slip covers (make space look bigger)
  • Candles – place a few around for warmth (unscented)

Kitchen: Most bang for your buck!!!

  • Refrigerator – remove everything from front and sides
  • Countertops – clean, remove small appliances & decorative items
  • Cabinets – paint, new hardware
  • Clean – Appliances inside and out (oven, pantry, refrigerator, cabinets)
  • Lights – clean the fixtures and replace bulbs
  • Curtains & Blinds – clean, replace or delete
  • Flooring – may need to be repaired or replaced, no throw rugs

To make the area look good, pack up at least half of your utensils, cups, glasses, dishes, pots, pans. Do not have a lot of items in pantry – makes everything look bigger.

Bowl of fruit and a small lamp or candle on counter for a warm feeling and set the kitchen or dining room table with nice looking dishes ( buy some cheap ones if you need to)

Bathroom: Another Bang for your Buck!

  • Paint
  • Check & clean light fixtures and bulbs
  • Windows, Curtain & Blinds – clean & good repair or replace/delete
  • Bath Tub – get rid of stains, mold, leaking faucets
  • Floor – replace or fix cracked tiles
  • Medicine Cabinet – clean it out as well as other cabinets
  • Countertops – update if necessary and have $ – nothing on them except a candle and maybe a small floral arrangement
  • Shower Caddies – get rid of them


  • Furniture – get rid of oversized furniture, depending on size of room = should only have bed, one chest of drawer, night stand and nothing should be on these but a lamp, clock, no jewelry boxes ( make the space look bigger)
  • Closet doors and knobs – good working condition or replace, weed down items (make it look bigger)
  • Paint – neutral colors
  • No personal or distinctive pictures
  • Carpet – neutral, no stains, not torn, no throw rugs

Garage: (make it look clean, big and attractive)

  • Remove: all excess tools, toys, sports equipment or anything you do not use frequently
  • Clean wall, flooring, doors & windows
  • DO NOT use this as a storage area unless you have no other alternative

Basements/Family Room:

  • Plenty of lighting
  • Steps are safe and look nice
  • Paint a light color to brighten it up and make it look bigger
  • Clear it out unless you absolutely have to use it for storage or are used for family room
  • If using it for a family room, take out as much as you can to make it look bigger

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