Back to School Organizing Tips for College Bound Students

*Space– Remember that they most likely will not have the amount of space in the dorm room that they had at home. Think compact.  Use multi-purpose containers and furniture.  Some colleges and Universities will not allow you to put holes in the wall or paint so check with them before you begin packing.   Also, if you are able, visit the college and measure the dorm room to see how much space you will actually have before packing things that will not fit.  Use a small cleaning caddy to carry personal items back and forth from the bathroom.

*Packing – use collapsible storage containers to put items into while moving and then they can either be used for storage in the dorm or folded down and stored away.

*Time management is key to success!  Use a calendar/planner to map out a routine.  College is supposed to be fun but it does need some structure to it if you are going to succeed without having a major melt-down at some point.  College can be stressful enough without adding the pressure of being late for class or not allowing enough time to write a term paper.

*Color code your things, label them, bring some pictures and a few loved items from home to make the room more comfortable and relaxing.

*The Container store has a couple of great articles to help you get through the college transfer.

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