Why is this task or project not getting done?

Most of us have a task or project we want to do but keep putting it off.  If you are a business, it may be that you want to organize your desk, files or storage area.  If your project is at home, you may be putting off painting a room, cleaning out the garage or planting a garden.
Below are a few reasons that may be stopping you from getting the task or project completed.
  • Do not know where to start – generally start with the area that is closest to you on your right and work yourself around the space.
  • Overwhelmed – break it down into smaller tasks. Use timers to help you work for short periods of time.
  • No Plan – answer these questions: what items are needed, who do I need to help me, how much money do I need, what tools is needed and how much time can I spend on it? Once you have answered these questions, mark it on your calendar to do it.

  • Do not know how to do the project – research the project or ask a professional for assistance or guidance.


  • What to do with items no longer needed – before you begin, figure out how you are going to deal with the trash, where are you going to take donations or how are you going to get items back to the original owners?  Again, you can research local nonprofit organizations or ask a professional.
  • Fear – I may not do it perfectly or I may fail to finish or meet someone’s approval.  There is no such thing as perfection! If you follow the plan, you will finish. Finally, your approval is all that matters.  What matters most is that you are happy with the process and end results

Once you have all these questions answered and a written plan, your stress will be decreased and beginning, implementing and completing your task or project will be a huge success!

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