The Reality of Keeping Stuff

Did you inherit mom and dad’s stuff?

Are you experiencing what I call “The Return Syndrome” where your kids are coming back home to stay and they need to bring their own household items with them?

Do you find yourself in the position of having to move to a smaller home but do not want to get rid of things but do not have room in your new home?

Let’s face it…Occasionally we do find ourselves in a position of having more items than we have room for but are definitely not going to let go of them. That is alright as long as you store it in a way that the items are well taken care of or protected.

These are instances that I recommend using a storage facility such as “Acorn Mini Storage, Inc.” located at 950 Acorn Drive, Harrisonburg, VA. When I recommend a storage facility, I tell clients that you want one that is well lit, with fire extinguishers at every building, 24 hour access with security cameras, lights and elevated floors to keep water from entering the unit. As an extra bonus, Acorn Mini Storage will install electric for you to be able to come to your unit and work on a project and look over papers or photos.

When using a storage unit please remember that this is not a “catch all” for you to just store anything! The things you should store are the items that you know are valuable to you or your family that you plan on letting go at some point in the near future. Also make sure everything is labeled properly and easy to reach. Create an inventory list of what you have and where it is located within the unit.

Do not let your home become cluttered due to unforeseen circumstance or bad times.

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