Eat Clean and Healthy

Do you know for sure what you are ingesting when you eat processed foods such as lunch meats, canned food and popular, quick frozen dinners? We should know what we are putting in our bodies. There have been numerous studies that tell us eating processed foods have a negative impact on our bodies.
There are a lot of negative results from eating processed foods.  Eating healthy should be simple, easy and fun!
I would like to introduce you to My Clean Kitchen, the brain child of Sara Christopherson and Jessica Warrens. It is the result of their own personal food journeys and months of cooperative brainstorming. For them, clean eating is about eating whole and unprocessed foods. They create healthy recipes full of whole, fresh, and healthy ingredients that are simple, easy and fun to make!
Check out their latest Holiday recipes such as; Almond Butter Popcorn BallsDark Chocolate Holiday Bark – Sea Salt, Toasted Coconut, & Almond and Simple Caprese Appetizers! Sounds Yummy! Let them know what you think about their creations and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


2 thoughts on “Eat Clean and Healthy

  1. I have tried several of the My Clean Kitchen recipes and they are fabulous. I highly recommend that you check out their Website and Facebook page! Great tie-in to your website Kathryn!

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