An “After Christmas” List

Now that you are finished running around for the day, what do you do?

Day of Christmas:
1) Clean up all of the trash! Do not put the empty boxes out by the road for trash pick up until the day it is supposed to be picked up. The empty boxes tell others what new presents you have and invites robbers.
2) Launder all of the table clothes and napkins to keep stains from setting.
3) Wash all of the dishes. Do not be afraid to ask guests for help.
4) Hand out leftovers to guests or store and label safely.
5) Get everything together you are going to need if you plan on shopping the next day to take advantage of the “After Holiday” sales.
6) Finally, Take a nice relaxing bath and relax! You deserve it!

The next 1 – 3 Days “After” Christmas:
1) If you are going shopping early, get up in time to have a good breakfast without being rushed.
2) Have all members of the family write short “Thank You” notes (including the kids).
3) Put away the new toys, clothes, etc.,
4) Make a donation box. As you are putting new items away, it is a good time to donate older items.
5) If you like the way you decorated for the holidays, take pictures so you will remember what to do next year.
6) Divide all the steps above over 3 days so that you can still have fun with family and friends and relax.

Finally, the first 2 weeks of January:
1) Take down Christmas decorations and store in an organized and safe way by using Christmas Storage items that can be found at the “SNAP Store”.
2) Start gathering everything you are going to need to file your taxes. Store the papers in a “Storex Portable File Storage Box with Drawer, Letter Sized”.

If you traveled and was not home during the Holidays, you will still need to do most of the items listed above and keep the time frame as close to the list as possible because one of the keys to having a productive year is to start it off clean, clear and organized.

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