What to do with Gift Cards

I find that giving Gift Cards for a present for any event is a GREAT present! I appreciate receiving them because I do not like a lot of things sitting around my house and I do not have to clean them or worry about them not being the right size, etc..However, sometimes the gift card is for a something or somewhere that is not for me or they get put somewhere and forgotten, so what do you do?

For Gift Cards you will use, put them in your wallet, purse or car so they are with you when you drive by the store you will have it. Secondly, plan out your gift cards. For example; if you received one for a restaurant, plan a date that you want to go out to eat and mark it in your calendar along with a notation to use the card. If it is one for the movies, plan a movie night and mark it in your calendar with the notation reminder to use the card. If you received one for gas or a Visa gift card, put it in you wallet where your credit/debit card is kept and you will see it when you pay for your purchase. Go to the SNAP Store to purchase a Coupon Card Cubby, Credit Card and Checkbook Holder or an Organized Credit Card Case to keep gift cards together and organized.

What do you do with unwanted gift cards? According to Nina Strochlic, the author of an article posted by The Daily Beast on 12/26/13, there are 7 great things to do with them.
1) Turn Plastic into cash at sites like GiftCards.com and Gift Card Granny.
2) Re-gift the card to someone who will use it and can appreciate it.
3) Donate the card to a charity. They are tax-deductible. Check your local charity to see if they will accept it or go to GiftCardGiver.com.
4) Sites like Gift Card Rescue and Cardpool have partnership deals where you can trade in your card for an Amazon.com gift card and the redemption value will be bumped up 5 percent.
5) Get Airline miles. Check out Plastic Jungle where you can trade in the card for a certain amount of miles.
6) Get “virtual cash” for online games by going to Plastic Jungle.
7) Sell your card online on sites like Ebay.
Well, I hope this helps you figure out what to do with Gift Cards so that they do not end up being forgotten or unused.



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