Save My Holiday Decorations

Many times when I go to help a client organize and de-clutter their garage, basement, attic or spare room during the spring, summer or fall I find Christmas decorations laying all over the place. It is not uncommon to find wrapping paper rolls bent, tore or crumpled and ornaments broken, hooks spilled on the floor and ribbon falling off their rolls and tangled up.

My client will say, “I do not know what to do with all of this.” or ¬†“How can I organize my decorations better?”
I break it down into several steps:
1) Get all of the “like” items together to see how much of what they have.
2) Purchase storage items to protect the items such as: wreath storage bags or containers, Christmas lights storage boxes or reels, Christmas ornament storage bins, Christmas tree storage bags with wheels or without, etc..
3) Install shelving units. They can be fee-standing shelves, wall mounted shelves or over-head storage racks depending on the area the items are being stored in.
4)The last thing to do is label the shelves.

Storage Tips:
1) Label the outside of the bins or attach a list of the items on the outside of the bin. I actually store my decorations in bins by room.
2) I highly recommend Christmas tree storage bags. Some have just handles, some have wheels and some come with the tree stand.
3) Use Canvas Holiday Storage Chests for Christmas dinnerware (plates, saucers and cups).
4) Store Christmas cards in their own place.
5) Create of “Christmas Present List”. List the names of people you know you are going to buy gifts for. As you purchase their gift, write it beside their name as a reminder of what you have already done.
6) Contain Christmas wrapping paper, bows, tape and labels in one container or storage bag. Make sure you storage container or bag fits the size of your wrapping paper.
7) Store all Holiday decorations on shelving units and label the shelves.
8) Use a fishing Tackle box to store things like extra hooks, extra bulbs, green floral wire, tape, light bulb tester and any other little items you may need to decorate.
9) Use Christmas Light storage boxes or reels for Christmas lights.

My final recommendation is to purchase as many of the Holiday storage items now because they are usually on sale AND they are hard to find after January. Most places will not stock them again until October. Go to The SNAP Store/Holiday Storage to purchase these items now.


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