I Forgot What Is In My Fridge!

I Forgot What Is In My Fridge!


     How many times have you opened your refrigerator and some strange odor came floating out? How many times have you bought an item and stored it in the refrigerator only to forget you had it? Then it went bad because it was hidden in the back behind larger items? Or, how many times did you go to prepare a meal, thinking you had everything you needed only to find out you did not have the spice or condiment you needed?

 There is a very simple solution! Create a Refrigerator Inventory List!

The Inventory List should include EVERYTHING kept in the refrigerator except leftovers.
(There should be one shelf dedicated to only leftovers and nothing else.)

For the technological minded person, Fresh Box from Apple is an application which helps users record the shelf life of their goods and reminds them to use items before they expire. There are other apps that you can use to inventory food items such as, My Fridge (Google apps), Grocery Hero (Google apps) and Whaz in the Fridge? (Windows apps) and they will also help you come up with recipes based on what is in your refrigerator.

For the person who is visual, creative or finds technology difficult, I suggest you make your own. If you are a visual person, attach the inventory sheet onto your refrigerator. For ideas of an inventory sheet you can type in “google printable refrigerator inventory lists” or follow the two links below.

Go to www.lotsofkids.com to see how simple your refrigerator inventory list can be and to download this Fridge Inventory List

Fridge Inventory Lotsofkids

Courtesy of Lots of Kids – http://www.lotsofkids.com/LOK-Kitchen/print-outs/perish2r.gif











For a more detailed inventory list go to cookingforbusymums.blogspot.com to download this Fridge Inventory List.

During my research for this blog, I found most articles stated the good old fashioned paper and pencil method was still the most favorable! There is no inventory sheet that can list every item that everyone uses because we all have very different food preferences we use in our cooking. That is why I recommend creating your own inventory list but make sure you include these three things: “Name of Item”, “Quantity” and “Use By”.

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