I Am Patriotic!



Let me tell you what happen to me this weekend. My mom and I attended an event where many businesses and organizations were promoting themselves. They each had many different promotional items sitting on their tables in their booths. As I walked by each booth people would try to get my attention by asking me if I wanted any of the items they were giving away. Being someone who does not like clutter, I almost always declined politely but as I walked by this one booth, a man waving miniature American Flags stapled to sticks asked me if I wanted one. I smiled, said “No Thank You” and walked away as my mom took one. When I turned around to look at my mom, the man was staring at me in a really weird way. I knew what he was probably thinking. I got the feeling he was thinking I was unpatriotic since I turned down an American Flag! My mom noticed it also and asked me what that look was all about. I explained it to her but it also got me thinking about clutter and our fear to say “no thank you” when someone offers us something at events.

I did not accept the flag because I have no place that I would display it properly and it would have probably ended up laying in a drawer and become clutter.

I have a huge flag hanging from my front porch. I am patriotic!

When you attend events that have businesses and organizations promoting themselves, you do not have to take something from each one when it is offered but we often do. We do it for many different reasons. We do it because it may make us feel awkward or guilty turning someone down that is trying so hard to promote themselves or we are afraid what someone may think about us if we decline the gift. ┬áIt is alright to smile and politely say “No Thank You”. The only time you should accept or take something being offered is if it is something you can truly use or you want to remember that particular business or organization.

When I work with clients, it is not uncommon to find all kinds of small trinket type items that were picked up at events like this one just laying in a drawer not being used. That is clutter. It okay to say “NO”.


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