Keep Chaos out of Easter

Easter is approaching and planning your party ahead of time will ensure everything goes smoothly. Between planning for your Easter egg hunt, games and food, there is a lot you should consider. Here are a few simple tips to help you organize your Easter party, and maybe you can even enjoy it too!

Plan the Easter Egg Hunt

1) Plan the Date and Time:        
First you need to decide on the day and time on which you want to throw the Easter party. Remember on the Easter day itself people have family dinners and gatherings to attend. Selecting the day before Easter should be good option. The best and most commonly opted option is for late morning or afternoon. If you are planning to host the party on Easter Sunday, opt for an afternoon event.
2) Design an Easter Egg hunt according to the age group: 
 For younger children, hide the Easter eggs in places they can reach. For toddlers you can spread the eggs in the lawn. For more older guests you can hide the eggs on trees, in bushes, or a top car tires.
3) Choose the Easter game locations: 
If you are planning to have the Easter egg hunt outdoors, have a backup plan ready in case the weather turns bad. If you are going to do it indoors, make sure you remove small items off the shelves so the little ones will not break anything.
4) Set up the boundaries beforehand:
Communicate the boundaries to everyone participating. All of this will help keep everyone in the same area and will help with safety.
5) Have some Prizes: 
We have “special” eggs that have either candy or coins in them for participants to find. If you do this, make sure you purchase candy that will fit in the eggs and have a small stash of coins. The small children are always accompanied by an adult so they do not accidentally swallow the coins.(Read More)

Plan Your Menu

If you are going to be the host for the Easter Dinner, now is the time to start planning your menu and shopping list!
Quick Tips:
1) Think about your guests. Does anyone have any allergies, likes or dislikes?
2) Write down your Menu.
3) Plan your shopping day and list.
4) Ask yourself if there is anything you can decorate or cook ahead of time.
5) Use Disposable plates and cutlery.
6) Think about dividing your menu and having guests be responsible for bringing various items such as: dessert, drinks, salads, paper plates, etc.
7) Finally, when you are planning the meal, think about what you will need for an easy clean up.
Helpful Recipes:

What to do with Easter “Stuff”

1) Freeze for later.
2) Divide and send with your guests.
3) Take to a local Homeless Shelter.
Check out these sites to recycle:
1) for fun ways to recycle plastic eggs.

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