About Us

About the Owner

Kathryn McMillan is the owner of Clutter Conversions, LLC.  She has been Professionally Organizing since 2006.

Kathryn graduated from James Madison University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Science with a minor in Secondary Education.  She decided to become a professional organizer when she lost her job in the financial arena.  She knew immediately that organizing was what she wanted to do because it is something that she is naturally good at doing and felt that it would be helpful to people.  She is always looking for an easier, simpler way of doing things and wants to share it with others.  She believes life is so much better when we are not as stressed!


What makes Clutter Conversions unique?

1) Kathryn is the only member of the National Association of Professional Organizers in the Augusta, Rockingham and Rockbridge Counties.  She has been nationally trained in space saving ideas and personal time management techniques and continues to expand her knowledge through training and seminars.

2) Free Consultations

3) Flexibility with client schedules and other external factors

4) The ability to design and implement unique organizing solutions

5) Experience in working with Seniors – Kathryn has a Certified Nursing Assistance Certificate and worked as a Head Administrator for two Assisted Living Communities.

6) Kathryn has studied Time Management Techniques under Harold Taylor Time Management and also The Franklin Covey System.


The Value of using Clutter Conversions, LLC

We work with you to help you learn how to use your time “effectively” to save time, money and increase productivity within the workplace. Through our organizing designs and de-cluttering services we help you simplify your personal life and reach your goals.  Our downsizing clients do not have to worry about how they are going to get moved from their old residence to their new residence because Clutter Conversions guides them through the decision making process of what to do with everything in their home and coordinates with other trusted service providers to make the transition smooth and stress free.


How do we “WOW” our clients?

1) Our free consultations range from 30 to 90 minutes to ensure we understand your issues and goals.

2) We purchase organizing materials at no extra cost.

3) We remove trash and deliver donated items to designated charities at no extra cost.

4) We go above and beyond to help our clients succeed!

5) We follow up with our clients periodically after the project is complete to ensure the systems are still working well for our clients.


Why use Clutter Conversions, LLC?

1) Knowledge – We continue to increase our education with the nation’s leading professional organizers to ensure our clients get the latest organizing and time management tips, solutions and strategies.

2) Affiliations – We are affiliate partners with a number of professional organizing businesses.

3) Experience – We have worked with over 100 residential clients and with many types of businesses in the fields of engineering, accounting, legal, insurance, artist, mechanics, to name a few, as well as numerous home based businesses.


Our Guarantee

Clutter Conversions, LLC guarantees that if you follow the organizing or time management strategies that have been implemented, you will decrease stress in your life, save money and increase productivity in the workplace, as well as, find the time in your life to do the things you truly want to do!


Clutter Conversions, LLC is member of the following:

The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO)  www.napo.net
NAPO – Richmond Chapter  www.naporichmond.com
The Greater Regional Augusta Chamber of Commerce  www.augustava.org
Harrisonburg/Rockingham County Chamber of Commerce www.hrchamber.org
Augusta Senior Resources www.augustaseniorresources.com

Complementing Area Services:
C’ville Seniors www.cvilleseniors.org

nlisted Auctions: www.enlistedauctions.net