Time Management

Kathryn personally feels that our ability to manage our time plays a major role our lives!

If we try to do too many things in an hour, day or week our bodies become stressed which leads to medical problems, relationship problems, mistakes, forgetfulness and many more issues!

It is important to take a good look at everything we are trying to do in our lives and evaluate them.
– Are the things we are doing in line with our goals, beliefs and dreams?
– Do you constantly feel overwhelmed at home or work and things are constantly being juggled around to fit in the next big emergency?
– Do you have any free time for yourself?

At Clutter Conversions, Time Management is Kathryn’s Specialty.  Let her work with you! Let her help you find the time in life to do the things you enjoy and become more productive with less stress.

She offers a two hour session in which you take an inventory of everything you are trying to do and then works with you to figure out a plan for you to accomplish your goals and dreams that are in line with your belief system and decreases the stress you may feel. Kathryn will then spend another hour with you at a later date to assess how the new schedule is working for you and help you make any necessary adjustments if needed.

Please contact Kathryn is you are feeling overwhelmed by life or would like assistance mapping out a plan for you to reach your goals!