They made a chore we had been dreading completely painless and easy!
Kathryn and her crew just finished helping us declutter to get ready for a move. They made a chore we had been dreading completely painless and easy! They are skilled at what they do and are so kind in understanding that this task could be overwhelming for us. We would HIGHLY recommend them to either help you get ready for a move or to declutter your home!
Bob and Charlene – Massanutten, VA

This was our sixth move and was finally a stress-free one!
Kathryn and her team stepped into our house and our lives the very next day after she took my call for help. We were in desperate need of  her many services for us which included downsizing, shredding of lots of documents, recycling furniture, removing trash and helping us to get established in our much smaller home. She pulled off doing all of these (and more) with a positive, understanding and supportive attitude. We could never have as painlessly gone through the sale of our house and the move into the new one without her help. This was our sixth move and was finally a stress-free one, thanks to Kathryn!
Donna and Ron – Harrisonburg, VA

We can’t thank you enough for all of your help!
My mother and I contacted Kathryn when it came time for my mother to downsize. Kathryn and her crew were always on time, efficient, and aware of my mother’s feelings in the downsizing of her possessions. Kathryn’s list of contacts was of enormous help in getting items auctioned, and in securing a mover. Her followups were gratefully appreciated, and we would not hesitate to recommend her services highly.


Highly recommend Clutter Conversions
“Kathryn and her fine group removed a serious clutter at my home and storage building. They contacted an auctioneer who took all of the things of value. They are very proficient and took care of our needs. I highly recommend them for any clutter project you may have.”

– Jim Oberg – Staunton, VA


We owe Clutter Conversions so much
Thank you too for all of your help with Dee Huffman Painting. You are an integral part of our operation.  Your procedures and steadfastness have been instrumental in our recovery. Sure you have given us the knowledge and the tools to function more efficiently, but you have also given us a sense of hope. I owe you and your company so much! Keep up the good work. I will continue to tell people about the great things you have done here at Dee Huffman Painting.
Sincerely, and always your friend,


Donations/Disaster Recovery
“This past month, the ninth wonder of the world – the My Study- was completely and totally demolished. Over a period of three weeks, the ninth wonder of the world-noted for its towers of books, piles of papers, multitude of knick-knacks came to a decisive end.  You did not make me simply trash everything but gave me the opportunity to give to others by donating my books to other Universities and Pastors. I am no longer the joke of the church and feel like a big weight has been taken off me. Thanks.”
– Pastor Roy, Fishersville, VA


Business Clutter
“Kathryn is very knowledgeable about home and business clutter and organization problems.  She has a no-nonsense style couple with a sense of humor to ease the process of difficult decisions and facilitate the removal of non-essential and unneeded items.”
– Becky, Harrisonburg, VA


Home Office Organization
“Thank you for helping me organize my office/den area and keeping in mind that I am very visual and like to see things out instead of tucked away.  I really liked the way my magazines and books were organized and displayed so that I can easily find them. I think that having the room clean and organized now makes me want to keep it in that condition.”
– Jennifer, Lexington, VA


“Kathryn & Theresa had ideas that didn’t even come to mind when we started laying out the décor of the shop over a year ago.  We receive very handy tips through email, which is a great touch.  Kathryn has the same philosophy as we do about our clients.  It’s not just a “one-time” deal.  Keeping in touch with your clients is a great way, of not only making new friends, but the networking aspect in our community, is phenomenal.”
– Christina, Penn Laird, VA


I am writing this letter on behalf of Valley Mission, to thank you for the outstanding work done by your “Get Organized” team.  Everyone who has seen the newly organized storage rooms has been surprised by how much space remains even after putting back all the items that were originally in the rooms.

We were very pleased you chose our shelter for your project.  While the staff and volunteers have done a great job of sorting donations, no one quite understood how to best utilize the storage spaces overall.  Now with a system in place it will be so much easier to put new items in their designated spot, and keep a good tally on the items that are running low.

And I personally enjoyed working with your group through the entire process.  Your thoughtfulness in consulting our wishes at every stage, your willingness to raise funds on our behalf to make these improvements possible, and the respect you showed to the shelter residents who helped or had questions about your project all speak to the professionalism you showed throughout the entire project.

Again, thank you from all of us at Valley Mission.  Your efforts will not be forgotten as our staff work together to keep the storage rooms looking, and functioning, great.

– Wendy Shiflett, Public Relations Coordinator, Valley Mission


“I attended one of Kathryn’s time management seminars and received a lot of helpful information. She exhorted us to apply it and I have been doing that. Kathryn is energetic and passionate about her work. She is a lot of fun, too. All the people I know that have worked with her have raved about her work and values. I highly recommend her as a time management coach. In addition, some of my friends have hired Kathryn to de-clutter their homes and offices. They said, “Wow!”

Kathryn and I are giving a series of seminars to help local businesses gain more sales and increase productivity. She is a great motivator. Anyone who reads this would benefit from hearing her talk.”

– Jim Blair, President and CEO of Blair and Associates – Harrisonburg, VA


“Kathryn is amazing. She is not the person to decorate your office (although she may have some good ideas). She is not the person to clean your office (although she can recommend those who do). Kathryn is the person you call when you can’t find the time to get everything done – when you can’t find something you had only a few hours ago – when you need help getting your emails answered, making your clients happy and need time to spend with your family. She can’t create “time” – but she can help you find the time you are wasting with poor productivity and delegation skills. She is a professional in her field.”

– Kathy Johnson, Mystery Writer and Contributing Editor to Cross Roads Business Magazine – Crozet, VA


“I would highly recommend Kathryn for any job. She is highly proficient and can organize the most difficult office, personal space or home environment. She is an awesome speaker.  Her classes are very packed full of very useful, helpful information.”
– Lisa – Staunton, VA


“Kathryn and her team are a joy to work with. They came in and quickly determined areas of improvement, itemized recommendations, and provided solutions that were effective and easy to implement. I highly recommend Kathryn to anyone! I will be calling on her for more assistance in the very near future, for both business and home.”
– Tanya – Crozet, VA


“Kathryn and her fine group removed a serious clutter at my home and storage building. They contacted an auctioneer who took all of the things of value. They are very proficient and took care of our needs. I highly recommend them for any clutter project you may have.”
– Jim Oberg, Staunton, VA