About The SNAP Store

The SNAP Store – Organizing and Storage Products to simplify your life or business. It is dedicated to providing individuals and businesses with the most current and recommended organizing and storage products available. It offers a wide range products that you might not find in your local store and gives our viewers a chance to look for an item that they may never have thought about to help them with their organizng and storage needs.

You will find organizing and storage products for every facet of your business or your personal life. Do you want to be organized in the car with work items? Are you  looking for ways to store the kids sports equipment? Do you want to organize a childs room? Not sure what to do with all of your hunting and fishing supplies? The SNAP Store offers the products to help you!

Kathryn McMillan, a Professional Organizer and owner of Clutter Conversions, LLC decided to create this store because she often needed to purchase products for her clients and could not find them locally. The products offered in the SNAP Store are ones that she has either used, recommended or beleives her clients could use to make their lives stress-free. She believes that the products offered are Simple, Needed and Productive for her clients which is also where the name “SNAP originated.

Kathryn updates the products weekly and encourages you to contact her if you know of an organizing or storage product that you like so that she can add it to the store and offer it to others. You may contact her by email at clutterconversions@yahoo.com. Make sure to like us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

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